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We are a team of experienced and well known traders, and we are here not to make money, but to make an impact.

We have a team of more then 10 professional traders lead by Paulo Santos a well known Forex and Options trader that start to be known by posting everyday his trades on Instagram and Facebook.

We are here to make an impact on peoples life and that offcourse that means making money, combined we have more then 100 years of experience in the financial markets, our track record is flawless, we made over 3400% profits in the last 2 years for us and our clients.

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Our Mission

Our mission is: 

To be the leader as a CryptoCurrencies Hedged Fund. 

To develop lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, performance, and transparency.

To provide great ROI for all our clients and our own.

Our Principles

  • Ethics

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Our clients come first

if you try and fail, congratulations.

most people don’t even try.

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years of Experience combined

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